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Daily Mile

Our school has decided to start a brand new challenge to help us all become more fit and healthy.  The Daily Mile is a challenge which was started in Scotland by a headteacher who was concerned about the increase of childhood obesity.  This challenge means all children will walk 1 mile every day, rain, hail or snow. It is inclusive of all abilities and aims to increase the fitness of each child within 4 weeks. There are more than 2500 schools taking part in the UK and Ireland.


Being a child-centred school, we feel that the benefits speak for themselves:
-reduces anxiety and stress
-improves fitness and energy levels
-improves concentration
-the enjoyment and pleasure of being outdoors
-helps build confidence
-inclusive of all abilities
-allows for social interaction
-develops greater resilience and determination


More information can be found on 


Please ensure your your child is prepared each day with their school footwear, a bottle of water and appropriate sun protection if necessary. 

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